The Old Capital City of Laos Luang Prabang

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Luang PrabangLuang Prabang is the former capital of Laos and a city which is recognized by UNECSO as a World Heritage City. Luang Prabang is set at the confluence of two rivers that almost surround the town and at the bottom of a temple topped hill. If you are about to visit the country take into account that cheap calls to Laos can be made from any country in the world by using pre paid phone cards or low fee phone booths.

Luang Prabang is a wonderful city that has combined the traditional Lao wooden houses and European architecture. The buildings that are built in European architectural style are for the period when the country was part of the French colony of Indochine. Here travelers can seen numerous temples with golden roofs which are decorated with mosaics and murals of the life of Lord Buddha. In the background tourists can see lush green mountains which add to the mesmerizing atmosphere of the city.River in Luang Prabang

Today the city is considered to be one of the most visited cities in Laos. Many compare the beauty of the city with the beauty of cities like Venice, Salzburg, Dubrovnik, Ubod, Hoi An, Cuzco, Napier, Santa Barbara and many more. Travellers that come to Luang Prabang are amazed with the tidiness and cleanliness of the city. Many describe the city as the most charming city of Southeast Asia. Due to the fact that the city was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage City today the tourism of the city is flourishing more than ever. Numerous restaurants, cafés and bars can be seen on the main street of the city. In these establishment tourist can try traditional Laos cuisine and drinks.Luang Prabang Guest House

When it comes to accommodations the city has it all from five star hotels to smaller but yet charming motels. To book a room prior of arrival one can call Laos tourist services. To learn more about what documents are needed to enter the country tourist can refer to the local authorities. Also they can ask what kinds of vaccinations are needed.

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Quick Dinner for the Summer- Cooked Tomatoes in a Jar

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Fresh tomatoesHere is an idea for a meal during the hot summer. It is a simple recipe, but you will end up with delicious food, which you can serve in different ways. I will show you how to cook your tomatoes in a jar using nothing else but sun energy.

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Try Something New: Super Food

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quinoa saladIf you are wondering what exactly is super food, let me tell you. Superfoods are very rich in nutrients and specialists claim that they are really healthy and beneficial for our well-being.


This, a little bit strange name, is actually pronounced “keenwa”.

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How to Tell if a Guy Has a Crush on You

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Love storyThis is one of the hardest questions and almost always it is a complicated situation and you have to consider many factors. People say you don’t have to search for logic in what women do, especially when it comes to love. With men is a little bit different, but still sometimes they might give you false signals, too.

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Top 5 Healthiest Foods

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sunflower oilThe key to good health is to choose meals, which are not by all means delicious, but what is more important is to be healthy and fresh. I will present five of the healthiest foods you can try. Experts have different opinions, but for these five products and ingredients they share the same opinion. Let’s start:

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Why Love Can’t Cure Your Depression?

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depression and loveAn awful kinship, that is what love and depression share. Both are insidious and exhausting and have the ability to make you consume more alcohol more than you should. Both are able to steal your sleep, interfere in your working life, and of course both can make you feel miserable and like nobody else could possibly feel worse that at this very moment.

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How to Clean the Dashboard and Console in the Car

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clean your car

Many people don’t pay attention to cleaning at all. Often people don’t really see the importance of  cleanliness around them or are just lazy to do sustain it. Well there is also the case of the people that really don’t have enough time to spend on cleaning. Usually it is true that people are busy but you can always squeeze an hour or two to clean something.

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